Sample pages from The Curious Case of Leonardo’s Bicycle.

'Flick Through' Film


“I love it! Pacy, entertaining, well-researched and drawn with consummate skill.” – Emeritus Professor Martin Kemp, the world’s foremost scholar on Leonardo da Vinci.

“Somehow Brick has managed to unscramble, understand and render this truly Italian imbroglio in a graphic novel. He is a genius.” – Product Designer, Author Alessandro Belli, Florence, Italy 

Leonardo’s Bicycle has all the pace of a whodunnit and more intrigue than you could ever invent, drawn and delivered with astonishing skill by a comics creator at the top of his game.” – Creative Director Corinne Pearlman, Myriad Editions, London.

“Brick has realised this desideratum admirably and in an understandable manner with his inimitable stroke of the pen. Excellent!” – Emeritus Historian of Technology, Prof. Dr. Hans-Erhard Lessing, Karlsruhe, Germany, foremost authority of Karl Drais.

“A rigorously investigated case study and superb historical compendium, riddled with fascinating excursions and winking satire.” – Historian, Teacher, Curator Hans-Jörg Gerste, Ludwigsburg, Germany.